2009 | 2019

10 years together

In 2019 JSB Solutions celebrates its tenth anniversary.
Learn more about our story and how we are building our future.

JSB Solutions

The passion that
moves us

Company names often come from unsuspected details or strong passions: JSB Solutions has a name inspired by the work and the life of Johann Sebastian Bach: the graphic insertion of a bass key into the company logo and the use of the acronym JSB inextricably link the company name to one of the geniuses of the Western culture.

Bach and simplicity

Bach's most important compositions are difficult to perform, characterized by a complex structure and mathematical perfection, yet listening to them seems to be linear and simple.

The aspiration to this perfect simplicity is what brings us closer to the world of Bach and connotes our vision: we realize it in facilitating the work of our clients, leaving them free to concentrate on the activities with the highest added value.

Enthusiasm, curiosity, intuition and a special talent for simplification are the imprinting of JSB Solutions


Our story

JSB Solutions was founded in 2009 in Florence as a small GMP Compliance and Validation Company and progressively became a consulting and IT company for the pharma, biotech and industrial world.

Enthusiasm, curiosity and simplification is the shared imprinting that allowed our young team to develop an increasingly complex portfolio of services, including pharma consultancy (validation, GMP, engineering) software development (GMP, Safety and Clinical), the CRO for the clinical research and blockchain application as a new frontier of development.

Read what happened

From only 4 people, our staff has progressively expanded to 60 today: with the contribution of all, the company ecosystem has been consolidated over time, which has allowed us to introduce new operating methods and synergies to improve the quality of services and processes and, in a way, to support companies see solutions and opportunities in what they usually see problems.

At the same time, we are committed to building a special bond with the territory, following the ideal of promoting its development and to get motivations and opportunity for growth, being promoter of a sort of collective intelligence at the service of the community and the progress.

2009-2019. JSB Manifesto
These are the principles that trace our path and mark the goals of people who live, do, shape JSB Solutions
and its services every day.

1We work so you can focus on your business

For us it is vital that you focus on core activities: the support of one of our consultant in your company will allow you to dedicate energy and resources to the most valuable activities.

2We want to be partner, not suppliers

Versatile, reliable, good listener, proactive, determined and in compliance with deadlines: in a few words we want to be recognized as partners of your projects and facilitators for the achievement of common goals.

3Simplicity is our strenght

Simplicity is strictness, razionalization, balance, transparency and control: simplicity is the art of removing what’s unnecessary by facilitating the processes.

4We aim to create synergies and connections

We believe that collaboration and exchange between organizations that want to reach the same goal is necessary to boost the company’s growth, to manage changes with efficiency, to look to the future and to always create new value.

5Curiosity is the way to innovation

We are enthusiastic and incurable curious. Creativity mixed with curiosity is the way to create new ideas, leading us into the world of innovation.

6We take care of the quality of our work

We want to improve the quality of our performances as well as the quality of our life. In the same way we want to improve our partners and clients' work and life.

JSB over time
  • 2009Foundation of JSB Solutions

    Services: GMP Compliance and Validation
  • 2010Software Solutions

    A new Business Unit
  • 2011Launch of the Safety Booster

    Our first software platform
  • 2012The team is growing

    The team reaches 20
  • 2013New Operative Office and services

    Opening of the venue in Parma
    New service: Regulatory Affairs
  • 2014Reorganization and control

    We adopt the divisional model and the control management system
  • 2015JSB invests in culture

    First dates of Sabati della Bellezza
  • 2016JSB in clinical research

    Development of the CRO (Contract Research Organization)
  • 2017Launch of Contrappunto

    Software for electronic medical records management (eCRF)
  • 2018The year of Blockchain

    Study of blockchain application to industrial sector
    Release of the Asset management platform blockchain-based
  • 2019New horizons

    We are writing our future: keep in touch to discover the latest news on www.jsb-solutions.com

I Sabati
della Bellezza

“Beauty, together with love, truth and justice, represents an authentic spiritual elevation. Men, ideologies, countries that will forget only one of these creative forces, will not be able to point out to anyone the path of civilization”.
Adriano Olivetti

We think that beauty increases well-being, creates intellectual exchanges, it is a source of inspiration and intuition. At the heart of Sabati della Bellezza is an experience that encourages the birth and the exchange of ideas.

Learn more about the events on www.sabatidellabellezza.it


Photocredits - source: www.storiaolivetti.it - Associazione Archivio Storico Olivetti, Ivrea - Italy

The time that creates value

Tempo di

Culture as a Company asset: with the project Tempo di Qualità each member of staff has 20 hours of his working time to invest in cultural activities such as visiting a museum, going to a concert, doing voluntary activities.

We have a library with a collection of books that are suggested in the periodic interviews that we do to the members of our team and that all the staff is encouraged to access, to extend their knowledge or for pure leisure.

With the precise belief that the promotion of culture and beauty creates well-being and generates excellent results in our Company, we aim to create and encourage simple initiatives focused on culture and knowledge.

Initiatives that create value
Supporting projects in our community and social activities or networking (inside or outside our Company) is an important part of our DNA: we usually choose initiatives related to our field of interest, such as health, research and culture.
Here 6 of those with the highest added value.

  • 1

    Creation of the Blockchain Open Lab
    The place that facilitates the collaboration between different industrial sectors, where professionals share ideas and experiences about blokchain application
  • 2

    JSB is part of Distretto Toscano Scienze della Vita and Clust-ER HEALTH Emilia Romagna
    The districts of Biotechnologies, Pharmaceuticals, Medical Devices, Diagnostics, Nutraceuticals and Cosmeceutics
  • 3

    Teaching at Universities and management schools
    Collaboration for the training of young professionals in the health and technology sector
  • 4

    Funding of the restoration of  the Arcangelo Michele
    A seventeenth-century painting preserved near Florence in the collection of Villa La Quiete (discover it on Art Bonus)
  • 5

    Sponsorship of SestoAntiqua
    Concert cycle organised by Scuola di Musica of Sesto Fiorentino and organisation of classical and baroque concerts in historical places and Florentine monuments
  • 6

    Stop Hunger Now
    Packaging of more than 10.000 food rations sent to Zimbawe. Event organized during the annual meeting in 2016


JSB Solutions Srl - Legal Office & Headquarters:
Via Di Calenzano 58/62, 50019
Sesto Fiorentino (FI)

JSB Solutions Srl - Operative Office:
Viale Mentana 148, 43121
Parma (PR)

E-mail: info@jsb-solutions.com
Web-Site: www.jsb-solutions.com